Hi, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kt and I go to library school.

Library school is a new and exciting experience for me. I got my undergrad at a small, southern Maryland school in English. I would say about 75% of that experience was impractical; a great lesson on how to talk about text, but not a great lesson about what I can do with my life.

Library school, on the other hand, is practical. I’m learning how to code, how to organize information, how to conduct a reference interview, how to evaluate sources for others… I mean, I guess I’m learning how to be a librarian, just like any other library student. It’s weird, though–I once defined myself through my English major which was limited to a four-year time space. Now I’m defining myself through a profession and a professional degree. This is the rest of my life, you guys! I will be using the information that I learn now throughout my career (well, at least until things change). When am I ever going to have to talk about gender-neutral pronouns in postmodern science-fiction again?

I’ve noticed that my classes aren’t just learning the skills and tools I will one day need. At this point, I should have learned how to think critically. But now I’m learning how to think in terms of a library. Perhaps more importantly, I’m learning what I need to think about.

That’s what this blog is about: taking the time to think about these concepts I’m introduced to in my classes. Sometimes I need time to gather my thoughts and sometimes I wish I had a record of both my thoughts and the items that spark them.

If you have somehow managed to stumble across this and see something that interests you, please, PLEASE, comment! Respond to what I have to say; share your own thoughts. If you want to find my internet presence elsewhere, please check out my contact page. I’m around on all sorts of places and am happy to talk to anyone.


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