End of the Semester


This post is a few weeks late… but I finally finished my first year of my MLS.

I know it’s not in good taste to do what I’m about to do… but I can’t help myself. Please just humor this brief moment of shameless bragging.

I don’t have the patience to go through two years of graduate school. I came into my program straight out of undergrad, and I am so sick of school. I’m ready to enter the workforce and just get my life started already!

That being said, I’ve been overloading in classes for the past two semesters. Only one extra class–it wasn’t too terrible. But I’ve also been working a little over 20 hours a week. Trying to keep up with work and school was hard. But I did it. And I did it well enough that I’ve achieved straight A’s both semesters.

I’m in the summer semester right now and I can’t be more happy with my class and the internship I’m doing. After this, I only have two classes left and I’ll be ready to start living like a real person–not in my parents house and with a full time job (fingers crossed).

Because of my class, I’ll be super busy until July, still, but it’s going to be so worth it. Sometimes, though, I really need those “it’ll be worth it!” reminders.


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