Radio Silence :(

The last time I wrote a post for this blog was in September. That was almost 3 months ago!

You’re probably wondering, “Why hasn’t Kt updated her blog? She posts some really awesome and thought provoking content; I miss her so much.” If you are, I have an explanation, of sorts.


Yeah, yeah. I only took two classes this semester and only working 20ish hours a week. That’s hardly anything compared to schedule I used to keep. Nonetheless, school is a hellcat barely controlled with a leash and this blog suffered for it.

I had my last class (hopefully ever!) on Tuesday so I’ll be graduating on Thursday. Which means more time to talk about the stuff I’ve learned and stuff I’m learning here! Hurrah!

I will leave you with this, a portrayal of me, at this moment:

Kitten falling asleep

No idea who the original source is, but you can find this gif here:


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