It has been almost 7 months since I last posted on this blog–and what a 7 months it has been! I started a new job, went to ALA Annual in Chicago, and moved to Baltimore City. All good changes that give me so many opportunities to grow and learn.

I would like to post a write up about Chicago, because what an adventure. I got to meet so many great people, attended a number of interesting sessions, and took more home than free books.

My new job is in a public library and I work as a generalist. This means I get to do many things, including programming, reference work, and even a little web design! I love this job; I’m getting a lot out of it. Not only are there great training and learning opportunities, but I get a lot of personal satisfaction providing customer service on the reference desk.

There are some… weird aspects to my job. I’m one of the youngest members of the staff, but because I have my MLS I am in a higher position than those without the MLS. This means that I semi-regularly get to be the person in charge, which is fun but also extremely strange. Being young in this position is strange in so many ways.

Another life update is that I’m getting ready to pass on the webmaster torch to a new iSchool student. While I’m excited to see someone new take over the position, I’m sad to lose what is basically my baby. I recently redesigned the site to be responsive, using the Twitter Bootstrap library (which I will talk about more in a later post). It’s looking pretty good so far, but I need to figure out why some of the elements are breaking.

So, sorry I’ve been ignoring you for 7 months, blog. I’m excited to catch you up on my going ons–and I’m excited for the opportunity to think about my adventures and work in a more full way.


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