A list to aviod waiting in vain; or, job hunt woes

My contract ends next week, which means I am back to the job hunt! And by “back to” I mean my job hunt never stopped.

It’s been rough. You put out an ungodly amount of applications and hope for the best. Then you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Some you know you’ll hear back about quickly, some you know it’s a toss up and cross your fingers that you’ll hear something, and some you know you’ll never hear back from at all. It’s frustrating, time consuming, and mind absorbing. You wake up thinking about how you could have made that cover letter better and go to bed mapping out what sites to check in the morning and thinking about which would have the best chances for a new listing.

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5 tips for short-term employment

Here I go again, making excuses for not writing! Lately I’ve been settling into a new job–by which I mean falling asleep on the couch after eating dinner. In case you were wondering, I’m working as a contract librarian at a Federal library–but my contract is only for two months and currently it’s looking like my contract will not be renewed.

As my body settles into the new routine, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned about working in a new place, especially when it’s under a time limit. For anyone in library school, this advice would probably be useful for internships, too!

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Baby’s first interview

My interview outfit

Me lookin’ awkward after my interview

Last week, I went on my very first interview for a librarian position! It was very exciting and nerve-wracking, but I made it through alive.

The interview went so well that I was offered the job. I’ll be working on the reference desk for a Federal library and also doing work for their digital branch.

I’m really excited to move to a new job, especially since it’s actually in the library field. I’m nervous about working on a reference desk, but totally excited to explore the digital branch.

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iDiversity and Google Analytics

As you may know, I was elected the webmaster of iDiversity in September. This position is awesome! I’ve redesigned a website and the logo, and I get to learn/practice webmaster skills that I will hopefully get to put into use in a professional position. What more can you ask from a student organization??

One of those skills is learning how to use Google Analytics. For those of you who don’t know what Google Analytics is, it’s a free service from Google that lets you collect data about how people access and use your site. This doesn’t mean that Google gives you personal information or anything invasive–it just allows the person using the service lots of information they can use to make their website better.

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Tricks and Tips: Internships

Originally, I wanted to talk about how great internships are and to reflect on my own experiences in this post. But, everyone else talks about internships and does a much better job doing so than I ever will. And reflecting about my own experiences this summer is too much of a backhanded brag for me to feel okay about posting here.

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Professional Organizations for the Frugal

NOTE: I started this post back in February and obviously didn’t finish it. The first organization I list has a description, but the rest don’t. At least the list and prices could be helpful to some!

It’s only late February and I already have that itchy feeling under my nails that says, “It’s springtime! Start a project!” Unfortunately, I already have too many projects already begun to start a new one. Continue reading